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  • 怎样写好高考英语作文




    [原文]We met at the school gate and went there together early in the morning.[修正]Early in the morning we met at the school gate and went there together.[原文]The young man couldnt help crying when he heard the bad news.

    [修正]Hearing the bad news, the young man couldnt help crying.



    [原文]My parents praised Ah Fu warmly. It had saved my little sister bravely.[修正]My parents praised Ah Fu warmly. It was our brave Ah Fu who had saved my little sister bravely.


    [原文]We had to stand there to catch the offender.

    [修正]What we had to do was (to) stand there, trying to catch the offender.

    What China has achieved in recent years is known through the world.

    China is no longer what it used to be.


    He sat in a chair with a newspaper in the hand.


    Satisfied with the result, He decided to go on with a new experiment.


    Only in this way can we achieve our goal.

    Never before have I seen such a wonderful film.


    If so, victory will be ours.

    You can make some changes wherever necessary.


    Failure is not a crime, but failure to learn from failure is.

    When I play, I feel excited, and after it I feel relaxed.


    [原文]He stopped us half an hour ago. He made us catch the next offender.

    [修正]He stopped us half an hour ago and made us catch the next offender.

    [原文]We had a short rest. Then we began to play happily. We sang and danced.Some told stories. Some played chess.

    [修正]After a short rest, we had great fun singing and dancing, telling jokes and playing chess.


    ①递进: then(然后), besides(还有), furthermore(而且), moreover(此外)等。

    ②转折: however(然而), but(但是), on the country(相反), after all(毕竟)等。

    ③总结: finally(最后), at last(最后), in brief(总之), in conclusion(最后)等。

    ④强调: indeed(确实), certainly(一定), surely(确定), above all(尤其)等。

    ⑤对比: in the same way(同样地), just as(正如)作文体裁, on the one hand…on the other hand(一方面……另一方面……)等。




    [原文]A new railway is being built in my hometown.

    [修正]A new railway is under construction in my hometown.


    Thank you for sharing the time with us.

    The way he views the world is very practical.


    [原文]I like reading while my brother likes watching television.

    [修正]I like reading while my brother enjoys watching television.

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